Gown: Oscar de la Renta
Alterations: S. Rothan
Photography: Andrew Bayda

“Sara, a master tailor.”

“Lesson learned, a dress is made twice. Finding the dress was a long process. I hail from a town entirely made up of type A people, of which I totally fit in. I must have looked at over 200 hundred dresses. Finally I found an Oscar de la Renta revival piece that I thought was perfect. After purchasing it and ordering an extra long train I realized I had two dilemmas. 1. I would need to bustle, and this is visually not something I wanted to to do. and 2. it did not have any straps. After 10 months of waiting patiently the dress arrived in LA, at the same time the angel that is Sara descended from the Melrose Place clouds to put all my concerns at ease. She crafted the most beautiful bustle, a low french bustle that would allow me to do my highly choreographed waltz, 10 weeks of dance lessons, but not disrupt the shape of the dress or the elegant lines. Sara also managed to create so much support within the dress that it not only functioned as a very flattering corset, narrowing my waist, but it insured my heavy dress would not fall down throughout the night. There would be no nipple mishaps. While being a bride you have an easy audience, I had so many women compliment my dress even remarking that it was the most beautiful bustle they had ever seen. I felt fantastic and I had so much fun because of it. I enjoyed her work so much I will continue to bring in more dresses for future events.”