Alterations: S. Rothan
Photography: Hannah Beth

“Finding my wedding dress was the easy part – however, when my gown arrived from the store, the fit was completely wrong. It was short-waisted, gapping at the bust, and looked completely different from when I had tried it on in the store. Turns out the dimensions of getting clipped into a bigger size in-store and getting the properly-sized gown from the factory were two very different things. Needless to say, I freaked out instantly. Luckily, my wedding planner told me to reach out to Sara – and thank goodness I did.

From the first fitting, Sara was patient, calm, and unruffled by my high-maintenance bride fears! She alleviated pretty much every worry I had about my dress even before she started working on it. Sara’s skills were evident immediately. She is supremely knowledgeable about dress-making, and the alterations she did on my gown were extensive.

She took the alterations step-by-step, so that I was never surprised or disappointed during a fitting – she helped make sure I felt 100% confident in every alteration decision. I knew I was in capable hands immediately, and with each fitting my confidence in her abilities was confirmed. Sara managed to lengthen the bodice of my gown and change the entire silhouette to the exact way I wanted it. On my wedding day, my dress fit flawlessly. It was so tailored to my body that I practically forgot I had it on! I didn’t have to adjust the dress once the entire day.

In addition, Sara created the most gorgeous veil to go with my dress. She was patient and really took the time to explain the different lengths and silhouettes of different kinds of veils, so that I ended up making the best decision for my wedding day.  She also tailored my mother’s dress to perfection, so that she also felt totally confident all day long.

Not only did Sara help make the dress of my dreams, she’s also just a plain delight to be around. Her positive energy, cool head, and expertise made the alterations process something I actually looked forward to, which I could never have imagined when I first got my dress back from the store. Trusting Sara with my wedding dress alterations was truly one of the best decisions I’ve ever made!”