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When fashion emergencies strike, and time is of the essence, trust Sara to be your style savior. Whether it's a gown falling short of expectations or a last-minute alteration dilemma, we specialize in turning moments of panic into showcases of elegance.

The Dilemma

The Dress Rescue initiative originated within S. Rothan Alterations. Sara Rothan found herself responding to a series of brides who, already in the midst of alterations for their dresses, reached out for urgent assistance. These brides, referred by wedding planners and previous clients, faced the common dilemma of dresses retrieved from alterations not meeting their expectations just days before the wedding. 

Recognizing the need for swift and effective solutions in such critical situations, Sara took quick action, providing adjustments and repairs with an accelerated turnaround time to ensure a perfect fit.

The Solution

Over the years of managing her alterations business, Sara encountered this scenario more frequently than desired. It became apparent that a dedicated solution was needed for brides facing last-minute challenges with their wedding attire. The Dress Rescue has evolved beyond standard alterations, addressing more intricate projects that demand not only technical expertise but also creative problem-solving. This includes redesigns, incorporating added elements, and handling significant size changes that require a complete recut of the dress or the addition of structural elements—all while preserving the bride's unique aesthetic preferences.

The Dress Rescue has become a beacon of assurance for brides navigating unexpected challenges on the brink of their special day.

Jay's Story

This bride had contacted the Monique lhuillier store to get a referral for a bridal alteration specialist and was given my information. We started working together to transform her reception dress. Just before the final drop off, 4 days before her wedding, she asked if I would be willing to take a look at her wedding dress. She was concerned that the alterations that had been done where she purchased the dress were not the best they could be.

We met the next day (3 days before her wedding) to see what could be done.
I pinned the dress to improve the overall fit, but upon opening it the next day to do the work, I realized why the dress was not fitting very well and called her to ask if she wanted me to just make the best of the situation by adjusting what I previously pinned or if she wanted me to release the dress from its current alterations, have another fitting and then almost start from the beginning to do the alterations properly. She chose the second option and came in for an additional fitting-2 days before her wedding.

By the next morning I had made all of the adjustments and the dress was whole again so I could drop it off to her bridesmaid to bring it to the wedding.

as told by sara



Kristina's Story

Kristina found me through her sisters former wedding planner. She lived a couple hours north of LA and had her alteration done in LA and had tried the dress on 5 days before her wedding. She had gone to try on and pick up the dress by herself and told me that when she put it on she felt like it wasn't right but didn't fully understand how to articulate what wasn't right about it and felt brushed off by her tailor so she took the dress and went home.

The next day, she tried it on with her sister and mother-in-law to be and they confirmed her worst fear- the dress was not fitting her well. That's when I got a call. Four days before her wedding.

We made an appointment to meet the next day and spent a bit of time talking through the adjustments that needed to be made, but also her shock and horror at finding herself in this situation given how much she looked forward to her wedding since she was a young girl.

Just over 24 hours later we were on the phone arranging for the dress to be picked up. She was married the next day!

as told by sara



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