Custom Gown: S. Rothan
Photography: Kacie Jean 

As mother of the bride, I wanted a dress incorporating the elegance required for a formal event but with a fun lightness as well.  I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill so Sara created a gown for me.  It was divine!  She found lace with just the right weight and over a few fittings lined the gown so arms allowed the beauty of the lace to show and cut outs to highlight negative space and modestly show some leg. I was so pleased with the results I asked her to make another outfit for the rehearsal dinner.  My daughter who was the maid of honor was so particular about what she wanted that the only way to fulfill her requirements was for Sara to make her a gown as well. She is a magician with fabric.  And the fit…absolutely perfect. If you can dream it, Sara can make it and make it to fit your body.