Gown: JLM
Alterations: S. Rothan
Photography: Lynn Dunston

“When I say Sara is a magician, I MEAN IT! Since day 1, Sara has a calming presence that just made me know she was the one for my alterations. When I first received my gown from the boutique I was a bit afraid because the gown did not feel the same as when I first tried it on. Then I met Sara who saved my day, she saw that the gown didn’t seem to fit right because it was not made for my height or body characteristics. Every appointment I had with her, she would adjust it more & more to fit what my body showed her. My gown felt more unique to my own body & most importantly I felt confident while wearing it.
Sara did not stop at just making the gown fit my body type, she even added details to my gown that made it more uniquely mine. There was a detail to my gown in which I loved the dimension of the layers but also wanted to remove some petticoat. Sara masterfully kept the detail I loved so much, while also allowing me more room to move. I thought I was in love with my gown when I bought, it & I ended falling more in love with it when Sara completed her work. She is a magician! “