Sara Rothan

​Growing up my mother made and fitted clothing for me. I remember looking through the pattern books at the fabric stores and choosing the materials. Having those custom pieces created by my mother made special occasions  just that: Special. I learned so much under her careful guidance.

I got started in the bridal  alterations, custom gown and re-design industry 15 years ago when I interned for a custom bridal studio in Columbus, Ohio, during my junior year of college. Which led to a full time job!

I was immersed in a world of creating and designing beautiful one-of-a-kind gowns for excited, soon-to-be brides while learning a craft I was passionate about. I was learning to work with not only my hands but my mind and creativity as well…

The industry eventually led me to Los Angeles where I became the Alterations Manager for Carolina Herrera fitting celebrities, creating timeless bridal looks, and having the opportunity to grow and expand in my field. The countless experiences, stories, and travels that led me to start S. Rothan have helped me provide services in not only alterations, but in Product Development and Custom Design.